Client Testimonials

Past Client Testimonials

You have done it once again !

In the past year, I had been approached by a number of realtors, hounding me , stressing me out with their so called “market evaluations “ and trying to get the listing for my townhome – none come close to your professionalism and ease in which you handle people and situations .

When I was ready to sell , I knew who to contact – You have always had my best interest in mind and were always great at explaining the facts simply . Your honesty, dedication and of course your knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is top notch . No one can compare to Bob Ede!

Thanks once again Bob for making the process so smooth , for selling my place so quickly and for getting that top price!


A memorable experience with a true professional in the field of real estate.

Having bought and sold previously with other real estate agents, I can easily say that choosing to be represented by Robert Ede this time around was a fantastic decision from the start. When I decided on the search criteria for my dream home, Robert began to send properties of interest. He had a flexible schedule to accommodate my availability. Showing professional expertise and practicality, Robert helped me to feel confident in my decision to make the purchase. Robert was able to list my property, obtain buyers within one week of listing, and align the closing dates! The whole process of finding the perfect home and selling my home took about one month! Throughout everything, Robert responded quickly in all communication. He even went beyond by giving advice and problem solving through a delayed closing. Robert did everything in his power to make a difficult situation less stressful for me. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone who might be considering buying or selling (or even both). I believe that his work will exceed your expectations!

Karen K.

We met Robert through a mutual friend many years ago, long before we were in the market to buy a house.

He was so knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate – from home inspections and repairs to market trends and the history of neighbourhoods. He spent so much time educating us on the industry – and we weren’t even his clients yet!

When we were ready to sell our first property, Robert handled everything efficiently and professionally. He was so patient in answering the many questions we had, and immediately addressed any concerns. He clearly explained all of our options and gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision.

He got us a great price for our condo and we were extremely pleased with how he handled the entire process. He definitely went above and beyond the call of duty, including negotiating with our tenant before and after the sale.

His years of experience and expertise in the industry make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I have recommended Robert often, and will continue to do so.

I could easily write a ten-page essay on everything that he has helped us with over the years. Robert has become more than just our real estate agent – he is a close and trusted friend. There isn’t any other real estate agent we would rather work with! ”

A & D, Toronto

Robert how do I begin. Thanks for all you have done for me over the years. I meet Robert almost 11 years ago when my life was upside down and needed to move. We became fast friends. Which wasn’t hard as Robert is such a good people person. He knows the housing market and what it takes to get the job done.  Robert goes out of his way to take care of the little things that matter to make the process run seamlessly.  His professionalism, knowledge, and sense of humour, I think make Robert the right choice to sell/buy your home. When I was uncertain he kept me calm and has a way to reassure you all will work out and it does.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Robert again for being there when I needed you and for your friendship.

S. M., Thornhill

I have known Mr Ede for the past 3 years. He is the most knowledgeable and professional Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with. He was always listening to what I needed. He gave recommendations and suggestions but ultimately the decision was mine. I did not feel pressured or rushed. With his expertise and skills as an agent  my house was sold  for over asking price on the First day. He made my transition from town house to condo  stress free. Every question no matter how trivial I thought he  called or e-mailed me back with an answer. He gave me information that was invaluable  regarding, closing dates, mortgages,lawyers. This was my 3rd time buying and selling  a home.

I would recommend Robert to anyone purchasing for selling a house or condo. They will have a wonderful experience. Thank you

A. T.,  Toronto

Any agent can undersell a home. A good agent can sell your home for fair value and follow you around to look for that next abode. A great agent can show you how to improve the value of and sell your home. Take the time to help you get to know the “areas” you are interested in and ultimately guide you in purchasing a new home for (hopefully) less than asking. While Bob is a great agent he is also a great person. Regardless of our situation Bob was always calming and available to our needs. Bob clearly had an edge over the other agents we encountered through his years of experience and sharp mind. It should be clear that we trust and highly recommend Bob (aka Robert) Ede. My family already misses looking at homes but a big part of it, especially for my children, is just how easy he made it all seem while hanging out and chatting with us. Thanks Bob!

S Lowe, Milton, Ontario

I want to take this opportunity to truly thank you Bob once again for making the “impossible” happen . At an extremely stressful point in my life, you somehow made everything work out – sold my house at the asking price , found me and and my daughter a truly perfect home – I appreciate everything you’ve done to make sure it all falls into place …even with the unreasonably fast closing dates I had imposed. I couldn’t ever imagine going through all these transactions without you guiding me and answering my hundreds of questions. Your knowledge , experience, professionalism and especially patience is very much appreciated! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!

Geri. N., Aurora